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Plastic Technologies
Fragrances, flavours, insect repellents and other hydrophobic liquid active ingredients can be compounded or infused into a whole variety of plastics for subsequent moulding into consumer and industrial products. The loading in the concentrate is usually around 40% and in final application between 1 and 5%. Anything higher than this is generally uneconomic.

In some case finished products can be dipped in the fragrance which is absorbed effectively into the finished product. The active ingredient diffuse out through the surface of the plastic and is released into the atmosphere at a rate which depends on air flow, temperature etc.

Application are very broad and include air fresheners, in car and in the home, gum shields, medical devices (flavoured tongue depressors), infant teething mugs, and even animal toys (chocolate flavoured dog chews).


Some specialist systems for adding the active ingredient into plastics are available including liquid injection systems which allow formation of microcapsule within the plastic to further control the release.


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