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We generally work with the client to specify the active ingredient delivery requirements, then identify the most appropriate technology, including wall material. We then source trial quantities of off-the shelf technology where possible. Otherwise we are able to develop new systems with specific characteristics to meet the client's needs. We are able to help with formulation of the microcapsules within products, or if necessary adhere the microcapsules to surfaces for example in textiles and paper applications.

Once the process has been fully characterised and the trials completed we can arrange for scale up and bulk manufacture.

We work closely with the majority of the World's Microcapsule Providers

To summarise we are able to offer:

  • New concept development

  • Complete product development package

  • Specification of microencapsulation needs

  • Identification of most appropriate microencapsulation technology

  • Source microcapsules with your active ingredient for in-house trials

  • Organise product development trials

  • Formulate microcapsules into product

  • Identify Suppliers

  • Carry out or arrange for bulk production


We also work with other active ingredient delivery systems including gels and plastics

We work on a contract basis or on a retained basis where required.

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