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Natural Preformed Microcapsule Systems

Yeast Microencapsulation Technology

The most widely known and commercially available systems utilise yeast cells, either bakers or brewers yeast as preformed microcapsules. The commercial products are usually made up of yeast coated or partially coated with maltodextrin, gelatin or a similar material although purely yeast cell based systems are possible.


They are primarily sold as heat stable flavoured systems for food products, breads, fries etc, although research has been conducted with drugs, pesticides, anti-microbials and many other active ingredients. 


As single yeast cell is approximately 8-10microns in diameter and comprises and lipid membrane which provides selectivity for the microencpasulaiton system (only low molecular weight liquid lipophilic active ingredients can be encapsulated successfully) and an outer glucan/mannan cell wall which gives the microcapsule system great strength in process.


The active ingredient when mixed under the right conditions diffuse into the yeast cell and remain there until the external conditions promote release, for example when the yeast cell touches a moist mucous membrane, mouth or nose or a strong solvent for the active ingredient.









Overall advantages:


  • Low cost

  • High Loading


Other Natural Systems

  • Heat Stable

  • Natural

A range of other natural systems have been examined as preformed microcapsules for example spores, pollen grains, starch granules. However, as yet none of these systems have practical applications.

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