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Microencapsulation Innovations

For all your microencapsulation, controlled release and targeted delivery needs, no matter the active ingredient, no matter the industrial sector we can help you with your product development....

Dr Gordon Nelson - Technical Director

Recent Projects
Controlled release insecticide

Microencapsulated water-soluble insecticide and lipid soluble synergist on textile material for slow-release and wash fast finish

Consumer Product

Flavoured and fragrant plastics and gels for sensory enhancement, controlled and targeted release, using combinations of cold-infused plastics, gels and plastics containing microcapsules

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Microencapsulated mood-enhancing essential oils and aloe vera as a skin softener for slow-release from eco-fabrics in May 2011 exhibition

Microencapsulation Innovations

Microencapsulation Innovations is a specialist in product development using the vast array of microencapsulation technologies to protect and ultimately deliver your active ingredient of choice  to where it is required.

If you have an active ingredient which requires any of the following then microencapsulation can help:

  • To convert liquids or
    dispersion to solids

  • Disperse lipophilic actives
    in aqueous environments

  • Separate reactive compounds

  • Provide environmental protection

  • Reduce volatility

  • Reduce flammability

  • Reduce toxicity

  • Improve material handling

  • Slow or controlled release of active ingredients

  • Targeted release

  • Improve storage stability

  • Mask taste or odours

  • Stabilise emulsions and dispersions

  • Provide micro-reactors

Microcapsule production is available in pilot to bulk industrial scale and has already been widely exploited across a wide range of industrial sectors including food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, textiles, agrochemicals, personal care ....

News   Abstracts
  • Microencapsulation makes product function as they should. Microencapsulation Innoavtions present a round up of recent articles in the news where micro-
    encapsulation has been featured.

  • To help researchers in the field and to demonstrate the depth of technology development work being carried out in microencapsulation we have compiled a list of abstracts detailing
    the latest research.
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